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Tips to Buy Lead Generation Sites from Website Marketplace

Lead generation sites are quite popular among those who buy websites online. Before going into how you can pick up quality sites in this genre, let us first point out their nature, more so for those uninitiated with this term. Lead generation sites pick up leads in the form of contact details like phone numbers, […]

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Before Selling Websites Online, Socialize It

It is quite common among website owners to think about selling websites online if they run a loss-making enterprise. If a website is bleeding money every day, you should consider selling them to the highest bidder. A website marketplace like buysellwebsites.com is where you must go. However, before you hit the market with your website, […]

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Are you Buying E-Commerce Website Online?

More often than not, it makes more sense to buy an e-commerce website online than developing one. It takes a lot of back end work to build up the platform and security of an e-commerce site. You need to hire programmers, developers and many other professionals to make the site a secure destination for online […]

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Skills You Need as a Website Investor

Website marketplaces are where you buy websites online, or sell them. In both modes, you are either putting up money to buy something or looking to earn some money by selling sites online. You need to have a definite set of skills as a website investor. There is a career you can build up at […]

The Concept of Monthly Visitor Value at Website Marketplace

Every visitor that comes to your website does not add revenue to your site. At the same time, the expenditure you incur to bring each visitor cuts into your revenue earning. In other words, every visitor to your website needs to add some value to your site. Otherwise, the money you spend in bringing that […]

Understand The Market Economics of Flipping Websites

As we had written earlier in this blog, people buy websites online for two main reasons. One, they want to use the website for their business and build up an online business. Two, they want to buy low-priced websites and flip them for profit. As is obvious, the first method is applied for people who […]

How To Sell Websites At Profit Despite Bad Market

Following the norms of the market, the price of a commodity is as good as the market is. If the market is on the downswing, the prices are bound to dip. The inverse is true as well. In the website marketplace, this market economics is no different. If the market where your website domain is […]

Importantance of Promotion While Selling Websites Online

If a simple For Sale board in front of the house could help sellers find the right buyers and the expected price, online and offline real estate listings would go out of business!

Every seller who wants to get the right price in quicker time must broaden the net. They should promote their sale in order […]

Make Career at Website Marketplace is Possible

When there is a business, there is a career to be made out of it. The same goes true for the website marketplace. This is where people buy websites online, some sell them. People may buy or sell websites online for two main reasons: they acquire them to build up their business, or they sell […]

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The Right Valuation Tool at Website Marketplace

The thrill of conducting business at a website marketplace is its ever-changing nature! Just when you think that you have learned all there is to know about buying sites online, or selling them, you are faced with a tweak in those rules. This is mainly because the business dealings here are severely impacted by the […]

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