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“Websites that have been professionally
always sell for more money.

We offer a twenty-page Website Appraisal that can dramatically increase the value of your internet business.

We are the internets longest running and most respected Website Appraiser. No one offers a more complete or cost effective Appraisal or offers all the extras we do that are included free.

BuySellWebsite® has provided Appraisals for Web Businesses throughout the World, including Europe, Australia, and North America. The company is in its’ thirteenth year of appraising websites, with appraisal values ranging from $2,500 to $2,500,000USD Million.


Your appraisal will be 20+ pages in length.
Please see an Example Appraisal

Features and Benefits


 Establish a Solid Value:  Never have to prove the value of your internet business to a buyer, it will be documented and supported with facts by a trusted third-party appraiser.

 Complete Value:  We take into account the complete value of your website including: Net Income, Unique Visitors, Domain Name, Email Lists, Website Quality, and Operation History among other things. (more)

 If You Are Selling Your Website, Let Us Bring You Buyers:  All appraisals receive a FREE three-month featured listing on our Number #1 ranked Website Marketplace.  ($97 value)

 You’ll Also Receive a FREE Website For Sale Newsletter Listing:  Your Website For Sale listing will also be included in our Newsletter that goes out to our exclusive list of 2,400+ registered website buyers.

 Federal Appraisal Guidelines:  We meet all the United States government guidelines for being a Qualified Appraiser for IRS and Taxes.

 Trusted and Experienced:  We are in our fourth year of appraising websites – appraisal values have ranged from $2,500 to $2.5 million.
*No one else has more experience appraising websites.

 Professional Presentation:  Your appraisal will be delivered to you in a industry standard Adobe Acrobat PDF.

 Speedy:  Your appraisal will be ready in three to five business days.


Ready to get started?  Just send as an email and we’ll forward the form to fill out.  (It only takes 15 minutes!)


Unsolicited testimonial:

I just wanted to thank you for your services. I obtained a website appraisal from as well as a 3 month listing. When the appraisal first came to me, I was somewhat skeptical because it was at least $10K more than what I expected the site to be worth (the appraisal was for between $18,500 and $24,500). During the first 3 weeks I recieved 3 offers on the site for $2,000 and under, and was beginning to believe that my estimations were correct. However, I called and you guys calmed me down and assured me that I should just hang in there. Sure enough, at the end of the 3rd week I got an offer at $15,000. Shortly after I started getting bombarded by people who wanted to buy the website. Although I recieved offers up to $25,000, I finally settled on a $22,000 offer because I felt that he could do the best with the website. In other words, I not only received much more tha n I initially expected for the site, but I was also able to be PICKY about who I chose to buy it. Now, not only do I have money in the bank, but I feel confident that the business that I created will succeed.

Thank You!


Lisa Tunnell